Jenius Think Unthinkable

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Jenius Think Unthinkable

Custom Typefaces for Financial Services

Jenius Serif is a modern classic serif font designed to complement its sans-serif counterpart, Jenius Sans. This elegant serif typeface was specifically created for the Jenius Think Unthinkable campaign, a collaborative projects between Jenius and Animal3 Agency with Tokotype as their main partner to create the custom fonts.

Jenius Serif's soft edges provide a subtle contrast to the sharpness of Jenius Sans, creating a harmonious visual balance between the two fonts, the font's classic design is updated with modern elements, making it suitable for contemporary designs while maintaining a timeless appeal. The primary use of Jenius Serif in the Jenius Think Unthinkable campaign showcases its effectiveness in conveying a message while maintaining a sophisticated and professional appearance.

Family Name
Jenius Serif
Commissioner / Agency
Animal3 Creative
1 Family - 8 Styles