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Godwit Family is a geometric sans serif typeface derived from the main objective of Traveloka's newer brand refreshment, maintaining a few key aspects such as inclusive yet unique, aspirational yet approachable, and energetic yet credible throughout Godwit Family. To name a few of Godwit's characteristics, they have an over-exaggerated upper/lower-half proportion on several letters, most notably 'a', 'c', 'e', 's', 'B', 'C', 'G', and 'S' as well as a cut-out tip of the crotch on letters like 'W' and 'M'. All of this is done in a sophisticated way and systematized throughout the Godwit sub-family to further accompa- ny Traveloka's newer brand refreshment.

The sub-family comes in Display, Text, and Thai, diversifying purposes and serving itself all together, hence Godwit Family is split into three sub-family categories. In Godwit Display, the main aspects and uniqueness stays the same and are put into point-specific display type usage (OOH, Decks, and Headlines sizes). The text family still has its Godwit Family uniqueness but has been fine-tuned and modified into point-specific text type usage (body copies, longforms, and minuscule sizes). The Thai family's design cues came directly from the text family and broadened the typeface's scriptual capabilities sup- porting Thai-script, hence expanding Godwit Family's SEA bi-scriptual capabilities.

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