Tokotype is an Indonesian company
that specializes in digital typeface design.
Tokotype is a pioneering type foundry based in Indonesia specializing in digital and analogue custom and commercial typefaces. Founded in 2015, we have been striving to provide the creative industry with distinct and high-quality typefaces designed with the utmost attention to aesthetic detail and technological functionality. Our experience working with numerous industry leading companies have made us the ideal partner for brands, organizations, agencies, studios and designers to fulfill their typographic needs.
PT. Tokotype Foundry Indonesia
Nonstop Building - Floor 3 No.6
Jl. Tubagus Ismail No.40
Sekeloa, Coblong,
Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40134
Business Hours:
Monday to Friday
10:00 AM — 06:00 PM


Gumpita Rahayu

Founder & Design Director

Gumpita Rahayu is a renowned type designer, artist and educator from Bandung, Indonesia. His distinctiveness as a graphic designer is exemplified by his works under Tokotype’s flag where he made a myriad of contributions to the Indonesian design industry by making commercial as well as custom typefaces done in collaboration with various companies, organizations, design agencies, studios and designers.

Faza Mufti

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer based in Lampung, Indonesia. Faza’s works can be described as simple. He is always looking for new ways to communicate effectively. At Tokotype, he creates various typographic-driven designs for internal and external use.

Arin Difita

Project Manager

Arin is an integral part of the Tokotype team, making sure projects get off the ground and running smoothly. She is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in project development as well as multi-project management.