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Custom Typefaces for Travel Platforms

Tiket Odyssey is a new custom font that plays its role as a powerful additional asset to the Tiket.com design system. The design was a mixture of most common Grotesk style letterforms and monolinear contrast, for the Display version, by adding emphasis on round corners to establish the brand image that is fun, friendly, and approachable. On the other hand, The text version quite similar to its Display parent by appearance, Odyssey text was optimized to match the requirement as a legible and sensible typeface to use as the face of digital apps by Tiket.com. The font family also equipped with tons of OpenType features, such as case-sensitive, ligature, superscript & subscript, etc. Lastly, the total weights of this font family consist of 18 styles with both Display and Text versions plus matching italics.

Family Name
Tiket Odyssey
Commissioner / Agency
2 Family - 16 Styles, Display & Text