• Nomina VF
    Trager, G.; Smith, H. (1951). An Outline of English Structure.

About Nomina

Nomina is a family of sans serif fonts for use from large to small sizes. The weights of the family itself contain 16 styles plus italic, ranging from ExtraLight to Black. The font family takes was inspired by classic Grotesk typefaces such as Venus and Akziden Grotesk. Unlike any other modern Grotesk typefaces, the details of the contrast in this font family are quite subtle and yet still harmonize while standing in between another character, the open apertures help them to increase the quirkiness accompanied by the sharp terminals on each rounded glyphs. The Nomina family is well equipped with lots of selective alternates and OpenType features, and the main usage of this font is universal, this means this can use it any design style as long as the look and feel keep match with its characteristics.

Opentype Features

  • Stylistic Alternates


  • Tabular Figures


  • Fractions

    1/2 2/3 1/3 3/4 7/8

  • Small Figures



  • Slashed Zero

    01:53AM $1000

  • Case Sensitive Forms

    {Hello} «Part-time»

  • Standard Ligature

    ff ffi ffl fi fl

Technical Information

Language Support

Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese, French, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Tagalog, Igbo, Romanian, Azeri, Dutch, Serbian, Hungarian, Zulu, Czech, Swedish, Albanian, Croatian, Danish, Slovak, Finnish, Guarani, Norwegian, Catalan, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Zazaki, Latvian, Estonian, Welsh, Maltese, West Frisian, Asturian, Icelandic, Mapudungun, Aromanian, Breton, Navajo, Gagauz, Scottish Gaelic, Marshallese, Northern Sami, Walser German, Esperanto, Latin.


Family Name: Nomina
Designer: Gumpita Rahayu
Year: 2021
Classification: Sans Serif, Grotesk
Version: 1.3
Glyphs Count: 905

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