We have a simple and straightforward licensing options for small design team up to large organizations.

Our license tailored to cover all font licensing needs for your projects, we remove complexity on usage limits for every media, so you can manage the font license for every number of users/workstation only, either it’s for your internal design team or your clients.

For Small & Large Teams
You can manage your license based on how many users will use the fonts only. In addition, we offer the license options parted into the couple selection, start from 3 users into 15 users. So you can scale the users either it's for your internal or your clients.
Print & Digital License Included
We know how important the typography on traditional and digital media, so you don't have to buy twice like the conventional desktop & web license, our license covers it all. We removed the complexity and restriction on website and app usage like the page views and app download.
Try First & Buy Later
We offer Free trial fonts to test it on your own layout by using our fonts. Trial fonts version contains limited character compared to our full version, both desktop (OTF) and webfont (WOFF & WOFF2) always included in the package.
End Users License Agreement