About Thinking Room Inc

We designed custom typefaces exclusively for Thinking Room Inc internal communication, Jakarta based design company, in collaboration with Eric Widjaja, Ritter Willy Putra, and other Thinking Room designers. TR Grotesk is inspired by early twentieth century geometric sans serifs, with district characters like angular cuts, circular counters, and reimagined the balancing experimentally harmonized tones of how brands can shifting into the modernism styles without leaving the legacy behind. TR Grotesk were produced in 3 weights with italic uprights, equipped with several alternates Thinking Room’s identical asterisk symbols to play with.

Clients: Thinking Room Inc
Design Direction: Eric Widjaja, Ritter Willy, Ignatius Gregory, Ira Carella.
Commissioner: Thinking Room Inc

Family Name: TR Grotesk
Design: Tokotype Studio & Deni Anggara
Year: 2018
Classification: Sans Serif
Styles: 6