About Fabelio

Fabelio is the region’s leading tech-enabled home & living retail company based in Indonesia, in addition to the new refreshment of their identity, Fabelio family was born to accompany the design tool of the brand itself, with crossbreed between Germanish Grotesk on the solid appearance and sophisticated look and feel on the contrast.

The Fabelio family designed to meets requirements between functionality and expressiveness, with subtle details such as a softened rounded touch on each character mixed with heavy contrast. To maintain the quality of the type-family, the Variable fonts format equipped to enhance the flexibility on every medium, in that case, the built-in weights itself starting from the thinnest stroke into the fattest looks.

Clients: Fabelio.com
Design Direction: Ilham Akbar, Aldo Muharama, Obby Ghafiqi
Commissioner: Fabelio.com

Family Name: Fabelio Family
Design: Tokotype Studio
Year: 2019
Classification: Sans Serif
Styles: 18