Toko Guides 01: Purchasing Font License

03 May 2024 by Efiana Salfini
Toko Guides 01: Purchasing Font License

Learn how to navigate and acquire licensed typefaces from our website. We will lead you through the entire process, from browsing our font selection to adding your preferred fonts to your shopping cart and completing your purchase. 

1. Find choose the right typeface.

Making the decision on a typeface that suits your tastes is the most crucial first move. See other font variations by searching the Tokotype Font page. Think on usage licence, project fit, and font style as well. Click check out after then.

2. Select the license type

Font usually have a license.There are various licensing options available, there are web licenses, desktop licenses, app licenses, and server licenses. Desktop licenses allow you to specify the maximum number of users who can use it at the same time. Temporary web license, in general "Number of Pageviews" signifies a visitor to your website from the entire traffic of the website, measured in pageviews per month and limited to the number of pageviews indicated in the receipt.different from the app license, Used by no more than the total number of Monthly Active Users specified on the purchase receipt.