Seek a Seek #2 Recap: Fonts Chamber & Jakarta Art Book Fair

20 October 2020 by Gumpita Rahayu
Seek a Seek #2 Recap: Fonts Chamber & Jakarta Art Book Fair

In 2019 we are pleased to participate at Seek a Seek Graphic Design festival in Jakarta. Alongside with other graphic design studios by presenting the best work from industry creative leaders. In this case, we are showcasing most of our work-in-progress retail fonts at these exhibitions.

This is our second time to participate at Seek a Seek exhibitions, our concept for the popup booth was displaying the no context specimen text where the waterfall has the same visual length. Our reason for displaying this kind of concept with lots of posters in it was implementing the conjunction meaning in this exhibition. Other than that, we need to re-introduce the audience about our existence and contribution to the typography scene in Indonesia.

Does Indonesia have a special typeface that signifies that it was born and raised here?

That drives us to make this popup showcase to be planned, by introducing a typeface that conforms to international standards, reliable, and well designed. We are not talking about the form and style that must be ‘Indonesian’ and ‘Traditional’. We all understand that basically, the original design of Indonesia itself is uptake and adaptation of westernized modern design, but here we will introduce that there is a made in Indonesia typeface adapted from international style and it has a universal voice.

Exhibition Period: 29 November 2019 – 31 January 2020

Venue: Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang Selatan 99 A Jakarta, Indonesia.